Built On Sand

I have lost all faith in electronics and tecnology. Yes, they've been a great help and it has made man's life easier. I mean heck, the fact that I am typing on this computer, uploading posts onto a server somewhere across the world is fantastic and amazing.

But the sad thing is that technology has failed me too many times for me to put my complete trust in it. It really depends on what you see as important to you. If your life depends on the technology and it fails on you, that'll be just terrible wouldn't it? Take work for example, I rely on electronic gear to do my job. If I have a dead channel on the mixing desk, I would be handicapped by the sheer lack of channels. Today however, my rant isn't on pro audio gear. It's about plain old, consumer personal computers.

I've lost countless hard drives over the years but all the while, it never made that huge an impact. Sure, I've lost heaps of memories when I lost pictures or heaps of ideas when all my demos went with the hard drive. But it was nothing compared to what happened last year when all my uni work went with my hard drive that fried. The fried hard drive was a blessing in disguise but it does not stop the fact that technology blew up in my face. Now, thinking that I've got a new hard drive, I should be all sweet but no, even this new one is acting up again. Does this mean I have to buy hard drives every year now? What the heck is going on?

Funny thing just happened as I am typing this. Guess what, the spellcheck just suddenly stopped working. How awesome! Everything is falling apart. I should learn to never put my faith and trust in computers.
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