Six One Four

I can't believe that all I have is six hundred and thirteen posts in this blog after all these years. It's amazing how time can fly when you put things off. I guess this makes six hundred and fourteen. I'm glad that I'm actively seeking things out now that I'm back on my feet again. It ain't fun being sick for such a long time. So enough is enough.

It was a fantastic Sunday yesterday. It was an early start and I felt like my friends and I did heaps together! It started off with a nice breakfast at Chimmey's before Sunday service.

Then we headed out to the Yarra Primary school for our community blitz where teams of people were doing heaps of stuff to clean up the entire school and make it nice and bright. We were assigned to paint some staircase railings. It was an awesome time! It wasn't like hardcore hard work, plus the weather was perfect.

As if being at the blitz for four hours wasn't tiring enough, we headed to a park to play rugby. I think that was the most exercise I've had in months. It was just simply living the Aussie lifestyle.

After all that, we fed ourselves well at one of my friend's favourite Vietnamese restaurant. It was a feast and it was definitely good times. It's good to be out and about again.

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