I just realised that all this while that I've been here in Melbourne, I've still been posting based on Malaysian time. I should have changed it to this time zone. No wonder some of the dates and times are wrong.

Anyway, it's 2:28 AM as I type this. I got home from work not too long ago. I mixed a couple of bands at DV8 earlier tonight and it was a pretty cruisy night. I just thought I'd unwind before I hit the sack.

It's funny how reality hits you sometimes when you least expect it. Sometimes routines tend to numb you and things tend to not stand out to you until it's pointed out to you. Ever get that feeling? This thought was floating in my head while I worked tonight. When people work, I sleep and when people sleep, I work. It's an interesting lifestyle.

Enough thinking. I was supposed to unwind.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow night. I'm mixing a few bands at Metal Fest at The Castle out in Dandenong. I'll definitely turn on "tourist" mode. I'm also really looking forward to going on tour with The Bright Star Alliance in September. It's gonna be awesome. I'd be heading up to New South Wales, Adelaide etc. I'm stoked! They're top blokes, the best band to work with.

Oh, I'm looking forward to Saturday night as well. Merdeka eve celebration at CQ and also playing a set there. Expecting it to be rad.

Looks like there's heaps to look forward to!

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