Like Seriously

In the whole spirit of promoting stuff that my good friends are doing, here's another one. My good friend Charlotte and her friends have started a little side project and you can find out all about it by clicking the link below.

Like Seriously

Here's a description I found on their blog.

"three one-of-her-own-kind girls hailing from different parts of kl, m'sia. unique right from the colors of their skin down to their taste for fashion and guys *wink*, they're fatimah, dapur and si putih. fatimah thinks she's married to mcdreamy. she's a tad bit delusional, don't mind her. dapur loves checking out hot guys, especially men in white. si putih thinks she's a japo baby switched at birth while tricking everyone into thinking that she's from a different planet. they've spent many waking hours and what l'il pocket money they have on what they were born to do - retail therapy! then they realized that they've l'il money left so they married business and had an affair with shopping to give birth to like seriously." Like Seriously

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  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    haha, awww kev. so sweet of you, my dear friend!


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