Sound Checks

It's 3:39 AM now. I just got back from an insanely long but awesome day. I was mixing for The Bright Star Alliance, The Rose Line and Hiroshima Will Burn at The Castle, out in Dandenong. I had a great time mixing three very awesome bands! Top blokes too! I caught a ride back to the city with the Hiroshima boys, made a quick snack, gobbled it down and took a breather before heading out for sound check for tomorrow's Merdeka Eve gig at CQ.

Check this out, sound check was scheduled at 2AM! It's the first time I've ever done a sound check at this time. There's always a first for everything. Add that to the list, check! The system at CQ is wicked and sound check was a breeze. I am definitely looking forward to the gig. Hung out with the sound boys and the boys from Nobody for a bit and then, here I am.

Now, it's time to crash! Goodnight world.

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