Phillip Island

This post is going to be picture heavy, so it may take a little while to load up all the pictures. These pictures were taken during the Phillip Island trip last Saturday.

The pictures below were taken at Churchill Island Heritage Farm.

This Pelican was posing for us at San Remo, at the Pelican feeding area

These animals were also found in the Heritage Farm

According to the chart, this little black lamb doesn't have a name yet. It was fearless and very friendly. I didn't know these animals were so comfortable with humans around.
Tiger The Goat was a rockstar! He was posing everywhere, knowing his pictures will be taken.

Then we headed to the Koala Conservation Centre, which was a little disappointing at first because there were so few Koalas. But as we explored the park more, we found that there were slightly more Koalas around and they put up a good show for us. Koalas usually sleep around 20 hours a day and we were really fortunate they were up and about when we where there.

This Koala here even posed for me. The moment I snapped the picture, she looked away.

Next up was the Nobbies. There were heaps of seals here, but we had to use a scanner to view them as they were really far out.

This was the highlight of the trip. Penguin Parade!

It was freezing while we waited on the beach for the penguins to come home. The penguins only began to come ashore when it was dark.
In their burrows

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  1. # Anonymous Az

    i love the pelican photo the most. great shot.  

  2. # Blogger albert

    I like the waterdrop!  

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