The Notebook

I got myself my very own Moleskine today, along with a Lamy pen that felt and looked really good at the time of testing. I just found out that the pen is too inky and it bleeds through the page! It turns out that the Moleskine paper is very fussy. My favourite gel pens and this Lamy pen just ain't good enough for it. Plus, I hate normal ball pens. So what now?
This purchase was supposed to be one to inspire. New things inspire me but this one has sorta shifted the attention on superficial things, such as pen choice!
Maybe it's back to Parker ball pens? I don't really care about the brand, as long as the pen is comfortable and writes smoothly, I'll be happy.
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  1. # Blogger su-ann

    Ah, you finally caved into getting a journal ey? Hehe, told you that Moleskin's paper's really thin :P but they're a good size though.

    Hehe, I'm eagerly waiting to see mine when I head down to Oz! Always get more inspired everytime I get a new journal..kinda like turning over a new leaf or a blank canvas :)  

  2. # Blogger Broken Scar

    Yes! I caved in! I was very tempted to go for yours, but then I thought I'll start to get the hang of it again first, with this one. It's been ages since I used a journal. I guess I stopped when I started blogging. It's a different feel man with a physical journal. It's time to get inspried! Got off a very bad start though, finding the right pen, hating the paper! haha. But yeah, hopefully it gets better.

    You gotta show me yours when you come. hehe.  

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