Alda and I were talking about Internet connection speeds earlier and we were comparing the speeds between TM’s broadband and my iinet broadband. A friend did a connection speed test on my system and he said that my connection is actually slower than the connection in Malaysia. I believed him because he’s the IT guru! The best I know. Is it surprising though?

Logically, I’m just taking telecommunications as a fair comparison. The telcos in India are more advanced than Malaysia and many other established countries in the world. Why? Because they implemented the technology later than Malaysia. I know this because my colleagues set up a few radio stations in India a while ago. In terms of wireless technology, a good comparison would be between Australia and Malaysia. Our mobile phone network providers are more advanced than the ones here in Australia. Of course, this is just my opinion. I’m signed up with Optus and it’s supposed to be one of the top networks here, but the coverage just isn’t that great. I can’t even hold a decent conversation in my apartment. I mean, this is where I live man! I need to be able to be contacted and have a line clear enough to hold a decent conversation! Maxis however, which I have been loyally subscribed to for almost my whole mobile phone life, has an extensive coverage even if I were to go into a basement, two floors underground. Of course, admittedly Celcom has the best coverage in Malaysia. You could go a few thousand meters above sea level, up a mountain, in the middle of nowhere and you could still get coverage for Celcom. Insane!

Anyway, coming back to Internet. I just thought to myself, why complain? Imagine those times way back when we were on dial up. Things were so different then. Life was much simpler those days. But then again, we won’t be able to do what we do with broadband today. Comparing dial up and broadband just makes me feel very contented with what I currently have.
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