...And Away We Go

We're growing older each day. We should be getting closer to our dreams, if age had anything to do with it. But as we grow older, the dreams just keeps getting further and more out of reach. Yes, through time, as we look back lots of the dreams were achieved and new ones were born. I think that as people grow older, they slowly lose their ability to dream. Dream big, that is.

I was up by five this morning. I'm going on a road trip in an hour's time and I'm just super excited. It's seven now by the way. I always get excited before a road trip or just a trip to anywhere really, since I was a kid. Plane ride, boat ride, car ride, it doesn't matter. I'm just stoked.

When I was a kid, whenever I'd be away from my home more than a four days to a week, I'd return home and go, "hey, I forgot how this house looks and feels like. It's good to be home". Ever felt like that?

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  1. # Blogger dD.diyana

    I used to feel the same whenever I leave my house for a roadtrip or if I've travelled out such as going back to Malaysia.
    Whenever I return to my house I'd be smelling the smell of my house all over again. And it feels good, it does.

    Have fun with the roadtrip.
    Come back with photos.


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