The End Of An Era

It's the end of an era! It is final! Today is probably the last time I'll ever see all my classmates, all at once as today was officially the last day of classes and presentations ever. Six classmates out of sixteen went ahead to finish up their thesis and presented yesterday and today. It's all over for them and they've got a whole load off their chest. The rest have decided not to do the thesis at all and as for me, I'll be presenting my thesis in April because I lost all my work when my hard drive burnt into flames!
We hung out after presentations at the local pub for the longest time! Our lecturer and the external examiner was there too. I had a great time just hanging out. One regret though, was that we should have hung out more as a whole class with our lecturer. I will be seeing some more than others as we normally hang out anyway but I hope we'll be able to have gatherings in future.
Again, another emo moment. Another phase of our lives over and we're all going to move on to different parts of the world and take on separate paths. It's been a great journey. I'll be sticking around for sure to present my thesis in April. So from now till then, I've got to slave on my thesis!
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