Three Finger Fret

I caught a French movie called Tell No One. It was a little slow but gripping at the same time. It was slow for the right reasons and done very appropriately although it seemed unnecessary. I’m sure if everything were sped up to Hollywood-like pace, it wouldn’t have made such an impact. The movie reminded me a little bit of Harrison Ford’s The Fugitive. It’s not an art house movie where you see flashes of images and you don’t get what’s happening. It’s a feature length about a guy who lost his wife but was suspected for murdering her.

It’s awesome how international movies are a norm here and one could catch it any time. I mean, there I was, watching a French movie on a normal Tuesday night. It wasn’t a part of a film fest or anything like that. Melbourne is just that artsy and I love it for that.

On another note, I just feel that my last finger on my left hand is very weak. It’s my fretting hand and I mostly use only three fingers to play most single notes when needed. I feel handicapped. The wrist injury doesn’t help either. Every time I practice my pinky, it’ll hurt. It’s abnormal. It’s a big bummer really as I feel very limited with my playing. It frustrates me!

I guess I’m just the type to always cry over split milk. On the other hand I’m the type where I’ll tell myself, what’s done is done, move on and work around the limitations. I’m just at conflict with myself all the time. It frustrates me!

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