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Underoath in action...

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I like this shot, it's as if Spencer is glowing

I've been waiting to see Underoath in an intimate setting since the last Taste of Chaos and last night was it! The Amity Affliction opened the show followed by co-headliners Emery and finally Underoath wrapped it up.

The last time I was at Billboard, my ears rang for days after, so this time I came prepared with my earplugs. I stood at the back for the first two bands, where the sound was awesome and I didn't need any earplugs.

When Underoath came on, I tried to make my way as close to the front as possible. I wasn't up the front as close compared to Saosin, but this was good enough. The sound was great, Aaron sang spot on while Spencer screamed like there was no tomorrow although he had a bad headache. Tim and Chris went crazy as usual. Grant and James were further on the other side of the stage so I couldn't see much. Underoath played most of their new songs with a few old ones here and there. I actually would have preferred it if they had played more old stuff. I guess they're probably tired of the old songs already by now.

Emery was awesome too. The vocal harmonies were spot on. The energy on stage was amazing.

I liked The Amity Affliction, although for some strange reason, the crowd wasn't too reactive to them.

The security had to chase us all out right after the show because they had to make way to the clubbers who were gonna dance the night into oblivion after the gig. This sucked because usually the band will come out after the show to hang out with the fans. I was disappointed when it came to this because I couldn't get the guys to sign anything or to pick up a pick or drumstick but all in all, it was a spot on show. I had a great time screaming along.

Here are some videos from the gig.

Underoath - You're Ever So Inviting

Emery - Not quite sure what song this was. Check out the keyboardist. He just rips out his keyboard.

Emery - Walls. Watch these guys go crazy. This was the last song of their set.

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