I wonder what’s really happening to the Malaysian music scene. What about the indie scene? What about the English indie scene?

There have been many revelations throughout this journey. Let’s see here…

They say that money is not everything, but let’s see how they’d survive without it. The rich is getting richer by the day and the poor is getting poorer by the day. So what’s this nonsense about money and music? What’s the connection?

Think about it. Is music all about art and true self expression? Or is it really all about the money? Well, it depends on who you’re talking to.

There are a million and one teenagers out there aspiring to be musicians. Why? To be rich and famous, they’d say.

Then, you’d have the indie musician that plays his/her heart out passionately for what? Spare change.

To the guy who wears a suit and tie, music is merely a product which is packaged, sweetened with saccharine and cleverly sold to the mass like a sugar coated poison apple.

Radio is poisoning our minds with manufactured mainstream in every form possible.

Real musicians don’t make money. I’m not saying that those that make the millions are phonies either. Don’t get me wrong. It’s just that they did the smart thing. They compromised.

It’s all an elaborate mind game really. A chess game perhaps and who are we, the mass? Pawns. Check!

These are just my thoughts. It is in no way to disrespect any of the parties mentioned above. I’m sincerely filled with admiration of the ones up there. It boggles my mind to juggle back and forth the two worlds. Psychologically, when one achieves self-actualization, that’s when he fully understands the entire ball-game and it becomes crystal clear.

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  1. # Blogger hanna

    money. isn't that what makes the difference between artists and musicians?  

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