At A Loss For Words

Prop open the door I can actually see my breath tonight
But that doesn't mean I'm breathing
Crack a smile just for the sake of it
This could take a while
A long while

Silence is golden especially in this case
I'm not too sure that I want it to be this way
Open mouth closed eyes
No words are escaping

It's all a blur
It's too dark to see

Ain't it pretty the way it all streaks together at night
I think its time to turn around
I really want to go home tonight
I feel like this is going nowhere

Try to think of something quick
And trust the direction of the driver

No lights
No signs
I'm at a loss for words

Now conversation sparks
What an easy way to break the ice

...Underoath - The Impact Of Reason

Just like Nicholas Sparks, these modern poets engrave these words ever so creatively into songs with such passion describing a particular scene with such detail.

What do you think?

This is dedicated to D...

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  1. # Blogger nocturnal

    I really want to go home tonight
    I feel like this is going nowhere
    My thoughts, precisely.  

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