Pawns Pt. II: The Game

Hang on a second. I didn’t say it was checkmate did I?

So here’s more.

Let’s talk about a game. Just like any other game, one would need to know the game, understand how it all works, the ins and outs of it, know the rules, master all the skill sets involved, learn the rules by heart and now, the best part, break all those rules. Innocence and ignorance can be a flaw here. Play it smart.

Like they all say, the Boy Scout’s eleventh rule, “A Boy Scout cheats wisely”.

There is always a way out of any situation. All we need is to think out of the box, look through the surrounding brick walls and learn.

There’s no harm acquiring knowledge. The more the merrier. Just be sure to use that little filter up in the head that The Creator graciously blessed us with.

It may seem like a catch 22, but it’s never checkmate!

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