Hold On

Good Charlotte's Hold On would probably be a meaningful song to many. Some may relate to it, some may love it, and some just let it play in the background. As for me, it saved me.

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  1. # Blogger Chin Hor

    It did? How and why? Today or before? I dont really fancy them though.  

  2. # Blogger iamamonkeysoareyou

    Dont like them cos they are too pretentious....like that song though....very meaningful. I think its good that bands like this (whom kids look up to) give a good message. I think we are too old for the image they are portraying themselves as, but i guess im all up for songs with good meaning, rather than to F*@k the world, or to kill yourself, of to complain that no one listens to you and understands you. well.....thats my 2 cents worth....  

  3. # Blogger Broken Scar

    The song helped me pull through a rough time as it was constantly playing on MTV. I was listening to the entire album and it just prompted me to post.

    The first song of the album is good. They have a new one now though. I like their harmonizing.

    Loads to learn still.  

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