Between Symphonies And White Noise

There is a fine line between music and noise. Oh, no wait, what fine line? Isn't it as thick a line as a valley apart?

It's sad to know that the majority of people think that music is best served up either when the bass is cranked to maximum, subwoofers rattling the walls, resonating within its own cabinet housing the speaker cone causing the screws to loosen and fall apart and the bass drum drowns everything else or when the volume knob is turned to number 11 on a scale of 10 and the meters are going way beyond red as if trying to break out of the meter bridge.

What ever happened to balance? What ever happened to the quality and clarity of music?

All I hear is a mixture of bass, bass, mids and mids. Well, ok, I feel the 80Hz and I hear the congestion from 100Hz to 800Hz. Thank goodness the highs are not ear bleeding.

With a hundred outlets in your city mall not knowing what music really means and merely banking in on the sheer loudness of music to attract customers, this place has nothing to offer but noise.

Don't they even realize that that could be the very fact driving customers away?

Maybe all we need is a music appreciation lesson.

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  1. # Blogger nocturnal

    I think I need an entire course in appreciation - of music and other things.  

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