The Night Before

The spotlights were bright, glaring my line of sight and the grass was wet from the downpour the night before. "Thank God I thought of the rain before hand and brought shelter for the gear last night", I thought. "They wouldn't have thought of it", I added to myself.

It was about right. "We're all set to go", yelled the producer. My hands were sweaty, trembling a little because of the sheer magnitude of the crowd behind me.

"The adrenalin is burning my stomach now. It's time", I mumbled to myself.

They hit their first chords, and what happened? Everything that one could ever imagined go wrong, went wrong.

Every detail was a blur after that.

What's the matter with you, were the last words I heard, haunting me and it kept ringing in my head till... itch in my back woke me up. describes the words nightmare as a dream arousing feelings of intense fear, horror, and distress, reverie as a state of abstracted musing, daydreaming and dream as a series of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations occurring involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep.

Either way, the words nightmare, reverie and dream are somewhat similar being that they all happen in a state of a human being's unconsciousness, yet so different because of its diverse screenplays within. To me, the word nightmare is way too horrifying and the word reverie is more appropriate for something beautiful, say a sweet memory of a glorified sunset.

It wasn't all that horrible, it wasn't all that beautiful. It may have been just neutral with twists of its own.

So what did I really have? Just a dream, perhaps.

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  1. # Blogger nocturnal

    Nightmare, dream and reverie sound so much like what they mean, don't you think?  

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