The Harshness Of Highs

You must be wondering what the title is all about.

Simple, there’s nothing mind boggling about it. “Highs” is an abbreviation or rather an audio term for high frequency.

Sound is just too subjective and that’s the beauty of it. A sound can be bright or dark, sharp or flat, boxy or rounded, you name it. There’s no specific way to describe sound.

There is also no way that two people have identical hearing senses. It’s just like no two people have identical thumb prints. Check out all your friend’s hi-fi and car audio systems. All their EQ settings are different.

This brings me back all the way to semester one: Foundations Of Sound.

Different ears are sensitive to different frequencies.

But here is one that we can all agree upon, despite the subjective nature of sound.

Boost all the high frequencies from 12 kHz to 16 kHz on your Winamp and you’ll know what the title is all about. (Make sure your speakers aren't too loud. I won't be responsible for any hearing loss)

Excessive high frequencies in a mix or played out on a sound system can be painful. Don’t blow your ears out.

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