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I did some back-line work at the Chris Tomlin / Louie Giglio Indescribable tour a few days ago and I managed to snap some behind the scenes photos, for you behind the scenes junkies out there. I just love all things behind the scenes!

There were two main sets of back-line. One for Chris Tomlin's band and another for Parachute Band. We did a sound check for Parachute Band first, although they were playing first on the night.

Usually, sound checks go backwards. Headline band first, followed by the opening band. This wasn't too much of a problem because there were separate input boxes for each band anyway and we were running digital desks where all the settings were easily saved and recalled later on.

After Parachute were done, it was Chris' turn to sound check followed by Henry Seeley who had his sweet amp rig as well.
It's always good to have an AA pass to get around at a show like this.

The perks of working behind the scenes is that I got to meet Chris Tomlin himself! I never thought I'd get to meet him in the flesh. It was surreal! Dad, this one is for you!

How many DI's does a gig like this need? This is only a third of the DI's on stage. These were just for the keyboard player alone. Everything pretty much ran in stereo. There were a few more for acoustic guitars, click tracks, samplers and for Parachute's keyboard player.

The monitor desk.

Every decent gig needs a couple of fridges.

A sweet Hammond Organ running into a Leslie Cabinet.

This is what it would've felt like from the Travis' (Chris Tomlin's drummer) point of view.

Lots of inputs from the keys alone!

Parachute Band's Drums.

It was a great night working with a good friend of mine whom I regard as a great audio mentor. Good times!
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