Asian Desserts

In my recent trip back to Malaysia, I was craving durian big time and I looked for them everywhere, even the famous "eat all you can" ones in SS2. It just wasn't the season for them so I had to look for an alternative. In my search, I discovered a few new food innovations.

This durian pancake was one of them. I bought some at Mid Valley and they blew me away. I wanted to go back to get some more but I just couldn't bring myself to go to Mid Valley as the traffic jam there was insane. So I found some at two other dessert restaurants in SS2 instead and they weren't too bad. These pancakes even resemble the fruit itself. The filling was made out of durian and cream while the "skin" really felt like the real durian skin. Looks like it's true after all, that you can get durian all year round in Malaysia, just that it might be in a little bit of a different form.

At the same restaurant, I discovered fried avocados. YUM!

This is quite a typical pancake you'd get a Chinese weddings and restaurants.

I think this dessert has been around for ages. It's just that I hardly ever had it until now. There were little mochi-like balls in it as well that had really cool fillings in them.

Looking back at these pictures, I'm not surprised why Westerners think we eat weird things. They do look pretty disgusting actually but they taste so amazing! Never judge a book by it's cover.


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