Aerial Over Alice

I have to back track a little bit. There's been a backlog of events that happened at the end of 2010 that I haven't had the chance to blog about yet, simply because I was too busy, ermm, being in those events that took place.

Anyway, on my flight back from KL to Melbourne, I heard an announcement over the in-flight PA asking if there were any medical personnel on board. Seconds later, the flight crew came down the isles with their flashlights calling out, "any medical doctors on board?". It felt like the movies! Oh the suspense.

After a while, there was no news of this so we thought a doctor would have treated whoever that was unwell and everything had gone back to normal. A few hours later, I felt the plane beginning to descend. Then another announcement over the PA came on. "Due to a medical emergency, we will be landing in Alice Springs in 30 minutes".

It was amazing though. As we were approaching the landing strip, I could see a few ambulances, emergency vehicles and a large team of personnel already standing by on the tarmac. That's what I call being efficient. The crew came on board, wheeled the lady out through the isles on a specially made wheel chair that was narrow enough to wheel through the narrow airplane isles. Everything happened really fast but due to aviation protocols, we were on the ground for about an hour plus before we could take off and head back to Melbourne. Oh, the drama.

The usual 8 hour plane ride had taken over 12 hours this time round but I guess there's always an up side to everything. I got an aerial view of Alice Springs.

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