Maroondah Reservoir Park

Hanging out at Maroondah Reservoir Park on New Year's Day with a couple of my best buddies over an amazing picnic spread (we were so hungry we devoured all the food without taking any photos at all) and a little bit of a walk to explore the park. There is so much the Yarra Valley has to offer!

The dam wall. Believe it or not, we tried running up the wall. It looked doable from afar but it sure was steep up close. I only managed to run up about half my height. The scariest part was turning around and realising how vertical I was. If I had tripped and fallen, I would have gone face first into the ground.

Looking down from the top of the dam wall.

There was a waterfall on the other end of the dam where the spillage was channeled to the other dams around the area. That's really smart, not wasting any water at all. It was great to see the dam full to the brim. Thank you God for the rain!

Just happy to listen to the sound of rushing water.


It was awesome spending New Year's Day in the great outdoors, enjoying God's creation. It would have been foolish if I had asked for more.


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