West Side Story

I went to watch the matinee show of West Side Story last week at the Regent Theater in Melbourne and although I can't call myself a musical expert in any capacity, this was by far the worst production I've seen. From the get go, it felt like a cheap, low budget high school production. The set was unimpressive and the costumes screamed low budget. The actors weren't great either. It seemed like they couldn't lock in the accents for the roles and it felt really uneasy to watch. Worst of all was the chemistry between the actors. The lead actor and actress were playing lovers but it felt like they were playing brother and sister.

Like I said, I am no expert, but I couldn't help the way I felt about the production and that's what I got out of it, sheer disappointment. I felt like I was ripped off my $75 ticket. I mean, they were great seats, third row from the front. I wonder if the more expensive tickets received a better performance on other days. This really ruined my streak of great musical/theater productions that I've watched in Melbourne thus far.

I should have walked out and asked for a refund and use those good seats for a better production.
Oh well, I suppose I was bound to see a bad one sooner or later. I just couldn't believe it was West Side Story though and the fact that I paid $75 to watch a crap production of a great musical. Such a shame.

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