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Yesterday, I caught up with my neighbour from my childhood in the city. She was like an elder sister to me, growing up. It was quite funny because when I rang her, I asked for Chi Chi (big sister in hokkien) but her daughter had picked up the phone and asked, "oh, is that Kevin Ko Ko (big brother)?". It's funny how there was two generations between the 3 of us.

Anyway, they asked me to show them around Melbourne city and all of a sudden, I drew to a blank. I suddenly realised that I've become so used to Melbourne, I don't know what would appeal to a visitor anymore. It's either that or my interests are just different. Checking out different cafes and gig venues alone would make me happy. Any suggestions? What appeals to you in the city? To me it's the hidden lane ways, the music and the art.

I had to cut the catch up short as I dashed off to mix at Bridge Church. Reggie Dabbs did his thing and the band did their thing. It was great to mix louder than usual. The younger audience can take it. It was heaps of fun, but by the end of it, I was knackered from running back and forth the mixing desk and the stage. It is after all, a huge venue.


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