Data War

I was talking to Alvin Wong the other night about the recent data upgrade from my Internet service provider. It was quite an interesting turn of events really. This was what happened.

I rang my ISP up to check on my recent bill payment. It turns out the three invoices they sent me were wrong and after calculating in great detail, it still didn't make any sense. The only way to find out is to wait till the next invoice comes through, next month. My worry is though, that most of the time, I won't even look at the invoice in detail. I'd see the grand total and just pay it off. But now that I've gone into it in detail, I realise that if they make these small "mistakes" of overcharging a few dollars here and there, I wouldn't even know if I overpay each time!

Anyway, after sorting this out, I asked if I was eligible for an upgrade. It turns out I was eligible for a data quota increase! I would have preferred a discount on my monthly fee rather than a quota increase. These guys are pretty smart. At the end of the day, the increase does not affect their revenue and they know we won't use the extra quota anyway based on my usage that they've been tracking. The only way to make it worth it is to hit the quota every month. Now, how shall I do that?

I suppose this is their way to keep their existing customers happy while competing with other ISPs like Optus who is offering 120 GB for $50. My question is, would you really use 120 GB a month in a household?

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