The Limelight @ Miss Libertine. September 2010

Oh wow, what an awesome lineup last night at The Limelight @ Miss Libertine. It really helps when you are genuinely excited about something and if you believe in that special something, you just can't go wrong. That's me. I believe in The Limelight and all the artistes and that's why I am always so stoked about these acoustic shows. I get to see a myriad of performers from different backgrounds and musical styles strut their stuff on The Limelight stage on a monthly basis. It's always a big party!

Last night, we had The Take-Off to kick off the show. It was their first time stripping it down and playing an acoustic set as they are usually a full on energetic pop punk band. They closed their set with an awesome anthem, the F.R.I.E.N.D.S theme song! It was so refreshing to hear it performed as an acoustic version. Very cool, boys!

Next up was Just For Kicks which took the levels down a few notches, allowing them to bring the crowd on an intimate journey. These guys have become regulars at FVE shows and we're loving them!

I Heart Cusack, who are the masterminds behind the 80 Gigs In 80 Days documentary took on the stage next. This was day 19 of 80 for them and they still have it, rocking out amazing original tunes!

I have to say, although I love everyone who played last night, Matt Collyer And Company (it was just Matt and Jay, minus their drummer for this set) was my favourite. I'm such a big fan of their work. I mean, they are so tight and the harmonies they sing are perfect! Check out Matt's MySpace here:

Tomoko, who has recently become a Limelight/Back 2 Basics regular took on the stage and delivered her soulful originals. Her trusty keyboard and powerful voice was all she needed to wow the crowd.

Last but not least, Kak And The Kicks, brand new to The Limelight took the stage and blew everyone away. It was also their first time performing live, in this type of set up. I reckon they did really well. Check out this video of theirs!

Tuesdays just got better with FVE around!

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