The Stripes!

Celebrating Merdeka Day (Malaysian Independence Day) at Back 2 Basics @ Biero.

"ooo, what's that in the air?", gets distracted.

The latest Winter/Spring 2010 line by Kevin Broken Scar and Dianne Lim! Everybody do the red/white stripes! It turns out, having a Malaysian flag in Dianne's boot came in handy after six years after all!

Photos courtesy of Dianne.

We had a great time playing, as always but the best part was celebrating Merdeka with some of the most awesome people in Melbourne that night. I mean, we were sitting back stage and were blown away by Mia Palencia, during her awesome set. It was great night of amazing music and talent. Great to be surrounded by just that. So if you missed out, don't fret. Back 2 Basics @ Biero is now held every fortnightly on Tuesdays! Woot!

To everyone who came out to support Broken Scar, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Kev, Tjin & Danny


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