VCD Grew A Pair Of Legs

I was looking for my Paul Gilbert instructional video that I had at home and after turning the place inside out, it looks like it's gone missing. I might have to buy another copy on DVD this time around as the old copy I had was on VCD. I mean, who watches VCDs anymore these days?

Thinking of guitars and music, I just wished I had a teleport machine of some sort so I can teleport myself back to Melbourne on Thursday to be at The Limelight at Miss Libertine. It's such a massive line up! I mean there's Kieran Christopherson, Next Dimension, Shafro, Jakk's Azimuth, The Vulpine, Low Speed Bus Chase, Asami and Tim McMillan! The line up is just too good to miss out on. Wish I was there!

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