Lick My Pick #5

This lick is really cool because you don't need to play super fast to achieve a cool sound. Picking the notes on their own may not sound like much, as you can see in the first part of the video but turn on the delay and it brings this lick to life. The delays actually make it sound like you're playing really fast. The catch though is that you need to play very consistently in time so that the picked notes don't clash with the delayed notes.

Paul Gilbert calls the repeats caused by the delay effect the dotted 8th notes because you are playing the line in 8's and the delayed notes fill the gaps. I guess the best way to understand this whole concept is to watch a video of the man himself explaining it. Check it out!

This is my version in the key of C#m.


There are so many creative ways of using the delay effect and this is just one of them. In this exercise, I used my Marshall Echohead, set to Hi Fi mode (digital delay) and the the repeat function is set to just do one repeat. Similar to what Paul Gilbert did in his video. It's funny how I never knew how to really use a delay pedal until now. Usually, I would just use the tap function on the pedal and tap in the temp of a song I'm playing, set it to have about 40% repeats and at half the volume of the original notes. More on delays in the future.

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  1. # Blogger iamamonkeysoareyou


    im blogging again at

    Cool lick.

    I have to get my arse into gear and make more music!  

  2. # Blogger Kevin Broken Scar

    Awesome bro! Yeah, gotta get back into music. Once I nail this delay piece, I'll record it and send it to ya. Could be potential material?  

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