A BV Misconception

I worked with an awesome band yesterday morning but the highlight for me was one of the backup vocalists. She was amazing! Backup vocalists are usually called BVs for short and I'm beginning to think that people have misinterpreted that abbreviation. I've heard some people referring to it as "background" vocalist and to me there's a huge difference between the two words.

If you refer to a BV as a background vocalist, it somehow lessens their worth and contribution as if they're just singing quietly in the background while the lead singer takes the spotlight.
Backup is the right word because they are the support for the lead singer. I think BVs are as important as any member of the band. It takes skill and an awesome tone to be BV. It doesn't mean that if you're a great lead singer, you can automatically be a BV. There's just such a tremedous amount of control involved. I was reminded about the studio sessions when I was recording the BVs for my songs, especially Shooting Star. Sel, who was co-producing definitely pushed me hard and opened up many doors. Since then, I've realised that BV was much harder than singing the lead melody.

I get excited when I hear a BV who has great tone and holds the harmony down solid. Yesterday morning was one of those times.

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