Oh The Hunger

I couldn't wait to get home to grab some dinner earlier tonight so I jumped on the first tram in sight from Richmond back to the city only to realise I didn't have the keys to my apartment! The worst thing was I didn't forget to bring my keys. I deliberately left them at home thinking I wouldn't need to rush home today. Add this to my silliness list, I know.

The hunger drove me nuts and the tram ride coupled with the heat today didn't help at all. I was starving so bad that everything was spinning and I was literally seeing stars. The good thing was I had my wallet with me so I bought myself a meatball sub from Subway and devoured it! Then I went and bought a slurpee from seven eleven! Now that was all done, the heat was still getting to me and I still had no access to my apartment.

So I headed back into the city hoping to browse JB Hi Fi but it was closed! Since I was around Chinatown, I hit up the arcades! Before I knew it, time passed and the wife came to my rescue.

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