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Over the last two years, I’ve found that I have a compulsion to try every new thing in sight. It need not be expensive technology toys. It could be simple things like a new flavour of jam or the latest fruit in season. It could even be opening a bottle of wine that I’ve never tasted before. After all, little things are easier to afford and obtain. I can’t be buying new guitars every week right? Although I wish I could. There’s just such a thrill just because the object is new, whatever it may be.

I am prolonging my next string change because as long as I don’t need a string change yet, my Ernie Ball Power Peg, motorised string winder will remain new. I have become quite a bit of a gear nut recently too and I realised the gear I buy need not even be new from the factory. High quality second hand gear makes me happy too. The worst part is, my wish list has not gotten any shorter. I've still got a few things on the "to buy" list.

Okay, I’m beginning to sound a bit too materialistic already. I am a simple man. All the material things I think about is guitars and everything related to it. Is it really that bad? I’m sure everyone loves new things too? Are these signs of me turning into a shopaholic? Errr...

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