Lake Mountain

Last Saturday, I fulfilled another childhood dream. Coming from a tropical country, I couldn't help but to be absolutely stoked and amused to be amongst the snow! I went up to Lake Mountain with a bunch of awesome friends and this is what I managed to tick off the list.

Toboganning, check!

Playing with snow, check!

Getting in a snow fight, check!

Making a snowman, check. No, not really. This snowman was already made when we spotted it. We just dressed it up with the beanie and scarf, made it smile and swapped the original black piece of wood as a nose with a nicer carrot for a nose.

It's actually pretty small as you can see from the picture. I wanted to claim this as our snowman at first but we thought we'd rather make our own.

So we made Nigel, our snowman! I think this picture doesn't really represent how tall he is, but he was almost my height! We were proud because it proved that with some team effort, we managed to pull this off. It didn't look like we could have achieved this at first.

...because this was how Nigel looked like at first. It doesn't look anything like a snowman at all!

Then we decided to get real creative and we made this! Okay, I'm pushing it. Someone else had made this. We were blown away by the sheer size of this thing in the first place but the fact that it's so well detailed just topped it off. We were glad to have been able to see this! Kudos to the boys and girls that made this!

Lastly, before we left the mountain, snow started to fall! It was simply breathtaking! I had never seen snow in real life before, so to be there itself was a mind blowing experience but to see snow flakes for the first time, that really sealed the deal. I always though that you needed to view a snow flake under the microscope to see the detailed patterns and boy was I wrong and ignorant!

The trip came to a nice close with a sumptuous dinner accompanied by wine. It was the perfect snow experience! Now, we're paying for it though. Our bodies are aching all over from the tobogganing but I'm sure it's not as bad as the pain you get from skiing or snowboarding.

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