Wet Shoes

I think one of the worst feelings to have is wet feet caused by either wet shoes or wet socks. As if that is not bad enough, add winter to the equation. I stepped into a puddle a week ago and I thought it was fine because my shoes are relatively new and in my mind, I thought they were meant to be water proof. Since the incident, I kept feeling that my feet was colder than usual. I thought the weather was just that cold. It turns out the dampness in my shoes had caused my socks to get wet too, resulting my wet feet! I didn't realise this at first because it wasn't like the shoes were soaking wet or anything, it was ever so subtle.

So I Googled how to dry wet shoes and some pretty peculiar methods appeared. Some suggested to nuke the shoes in the microwave while others suggested chucking them into the dryer. Then a more sensible method surfaced. Stuff the shoes with newspapers. I did just that and I am looking forward to the results.

However, I know two sure methods that'll do the trick, charcoal or silica gel but I just don't have the time to go and get them. So newspapers would have to do for now. Let's see what happens.

Freakin' winter!!!

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