Gold Coast : Day Three @ Warner Bros Movie World

Warning: This post is a picture fest!

We watched Shrek in 4D first and it really set the tone for an awesome day being a child all over again. Shrek in 4D was incredible. It was very well done and we watched it twice because it was that good!

Hollywood Stunt Drivers, the second show we watched. These stunt drivers were awesome!

We were blown away!

This ride would have been cool if it were Summer, so naturally since it was freezing, I passed.

The presentation was good but the taste was poor. I was a tad disappointed.

One of the shows at Wild Wild West. This show was average compared to the action packed stunt drivers.

Yosemite Sam

The Scooby Doo ride was awesome! I loved it so much that I went on it twice. I think I shouldn't mention what it is so that I don't spoil it for people who hasn't been there before. Let's just say that it will be a rollercoaster ride of your life.

Reliving childhood


Superman Escape was insane! A G-Force of 4.2 positive and 1 negative. Woot!

The sun decided to come out and play towards the middle of the day.

YEAH! Just got off the ride. It was mind blowing. I waited in the line for about 45 mins for a few mins of thrill. I would have gone again if there wasn't such a long wait. There was a kid next to me who seemed pretty calm at first but once we hit the ride, all kinds on interesting words came out of his mouth. Haha!

The Warner Bros Parade featuring Daffy Duck

Is that a putty-cat?

Scoobs and the gang.


When I was younger, my Dad played me a cassette tape of Frank Sinatra's My Way. He told me he recorded that version on tape and I didn't believe him. He sounded exactly like Sinatra and ever since then, it was my dream to go to Movie World to see the place my Dad became Sinatra. It ignited the dream to record too and I've got the recording part done in 2006. Now, I finally got to see Movie World. Although, this time around the recording studio was more for a bobble-head music video recording which I gladly passed.

The Parade continued. Flash!

I think these characters are too famous to even bother naming.

Everyone's favourite scardy-cat


Cat Woman was as illusive in real life as the cartoon. She comes and she goes as she pleases.

I passed this ride as well. I didn't want to spoil the trip with a headache.

Hard Rock Cafe by night

I think the pictures say it all. Once you walk through the gates, you become a kid all over again. In my head, I expected it to be so huge that you needed a few days to fully enjoy the park but
I'm glad we managed to see everything within one day.Simply fantastic!

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