When I Come Around

I was toying with the thought of going to see Greenday live in concert a while ago. I was quite indecisive at first because the tickets were expensive and I knew I definitely won't get good seats. I also heard that the show was sold out. So I consulted my best bud Alda and he said that I should check out videos of their current tour and see whether it will interest me. Then he said, "but what they heck, it's Greenday man!"

That sealed the deal for me. It's Greenday man!! How could I not go? I practically grew up on Greenday. Dookie was the soundtrack of my high school life. They're one of the first bands that got me into playing guitar.
I learnt almost all their songs at the time and played them in the bands I was in then. What was I thinking?! How could I even consider not going? I already missed them the last few times they came here and I won't let it happen again this time.

So I jumped online and looked for tickets. I should have bought them during pre-sale but it's better late than never, I guess. I was a bit nervous because the show may very well be sold out by the time I made up my mind but it turns out that they had announced a second show. The floor was sold out for both shows but there were some seats left, far back in the stadium. I bought them anyway. It's better than nothing. So yeah, Greenday in December, here I come!

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  1. # Anonymous su-ann

    Green Day is awesome!! Caught them in 05 for Rock It, loved their performance. Btw, try to get to the front cos they'll bring up peeps from the audience to play the guitar, bass, drums - if you get to play the guitar then you can keep it!!  

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