Gold Coast: Day Two @ Sea World

It was still pretty gloomy on Day Two but it was okay because Sea World awaited!

Gotta love the bright colours although the photo doesn't really reflect it. We missed the Sesame Street show but I think it was probably too kiddy anyway.

I love the polar bear. It reminds me of Bundaberg Rum. It's kinda cool to see a polar bear here. I mean, it's a bit weird because they are usually associated with the Arctic covered with thick ice and blistering cold. I guess that's why I was so fascinated. Make a trip to Sea World and it will bound to bring out the kid in you.

I guess the fuss over cute penguins has died down a little bit, but they're still pretty cute, no?

One of the staff feeding Reggie The Penguin straight from the bowl. He can't be bothered putting on a show for the folks anymore these days.

The dolphin show was awesome! Somehow I was just lost in it the whole time. The music that accompanied the show was just spot on although the speakers that hung right above us sounded like it was going to fall off. It must have been a broken speaker cone.

...One of the lucky children from the audience that got to play with the dolphins.

A view from the top

The corkscrew roller coaster, similar to the one in Genting. I was surprised that there wasn't a queue for this ride. It a cool ride but anything more than once would have made me sick and spoil my entire trip.

Shark Bay was really cool. You get to see it from the top and it was already way cool to see all the deep sea marine life from that view but then when you go inside the underwater view and this is what greets you as you enter.

A wow moment indeed. I have a thing for the brilliant blue colours. I don't know why. It reminded me of my trip to Aquaria in KL.

There were definitely heaps of sharks but the best part was seeing a real life hammer-head shark for the first time! One more childhood dream to tick off the list.

Ah, the seal show. I was expecting something similar to Tarronga Zoo's in Sydney but this was a pleasant surprise because there was a bit of a play happening.

We pretty much spent all day at Sea World and crashed after that. More of the Gold Coast trip tomorrow. I'm zonked!

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