Gold Coast: Day One

25 June 2009
Arrived in Gold Coast. About a year ago, the wife and I bought crazy cheap tickets to Gold Coast and the day finally came to hit up the sunny coast.

This is what I call the Straight Lines garden. Took this pic while we were in the shuttle bus on the way to the hotel. Oh, Straight Lines because this design is like Silverchair's Young Modern album cover art and Straight Lines was their first single.

I saw this on Discovery Channel once, if I am not mistaken. It sure looks cool from the outside.

This hotel looks awesome and I wanted to have a meal there but there weren't enough meals in a day to try everything.

This was how the beach looked like on Day One. Pretty gloomy eh?

The town centre, on Cavill Avenue.

Surfer's Paradise by day

I appreciate art like this.

For some reason, there seem to be heaps of Irish pubs in Gold Coast as well as Brisbane. I might have to do a little bit of a history lesson to find out why there are so many Irish pubs up in Queensland! I've always loved Irish Stews anyway, so it was a good excuse for one and this stew was AWESOME! Oh, and this was at Lansdowne Road Irish Tavern. Free plug for them.

The steak sandwich was incredibly sumptuous too. I never had a steak sandwich that tasted this good. Those that I've had were usually too dry but this one was juicy and very tasty!

The almighty Hard Rock Cafe. I used to love them and it was sort of a childhood dream to visit every single one in the world and get a t-shirt from each one but then that childhood dream sort of slipped away a bit. Plus, the t-shirts aren't as cool anymore. I guess the times changed. It's still really cool to check out all the memorabilia though. There's just this rustic feeling about it, you know?

Surfer's Paradise by night.

Day One was pretty chilled out as we didn't want to do too much the day we landed. After all, we were on holiday. What better time to relax?

More pictures tomorrow!

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