Maton Guitar Factory Tour

Warning: this is a picture heavy post.

Jeremy and I went to the Maton Factory out in Blackburn to meet the maker of Jeremy's custom made Maton acoustic. For you acoustic guitar enthusiasts out there, here's a glimpse of the factory in pictures.

The wood in the drying process

George, our tour guide. He's worked at Maton as a guitar builder from the early Maton days

Jeremy's guitar maker. His name is Andy (if I'm not mistaken). He runs the Maton Custom Shop and he builds guitars from the start till the end.

One of the custom jobs

Sweet wood!

The painting and finish department

This is where the pickups are made

The finished custom models

After this experience, I realise that there's a lot of work put into making acoustic guitars. A bulk of the process is still done by hand. Also, I now know that the acoustic guitar is not as delicate as I thought it was. If something breaks, it can be fixed. It may not be easy as the whole guitar needs to be taken apart, but it can be done. All you need is the right tools and skill.

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3 Responses to “Maton Guitar Factory Tour”

  1. # Blogger Missy Allets


    I've always wanted to custom-make one for my Dad. What's most important to look out for when purchasing one? Share share? ;) Heheh  

  2. # Blogger Daren

    Loved the tour. Want to go there one day. Thanks for the blog  

  3. # Blogger Broken Scar

    missy allets: No worries, will have a chat bout that with you over coffee. Deal? Sorry I missed your comment earlier and it took me so long to reply to it.

    dare: cheers dude. I had heaps more pictures and videos but it would have taken ages to upload. You should come down for the tour one day. It's awesome. I've learnt heaps bout acoustic guitars since the tour.  

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