It was raining pretty much all day yesterday. It wasn't all that heavy though. It's probably as heavy as a light drizzle in Malaysia but it was definitely freezing. It continued to rain at night but it sounded really heavy. Since it has been raining all day, I could have easily dismissed it and just move on with the program but I took the time to cease the moment. It sounded heavier than usual, as if people were throwing sand or little pebbles on the roofs and our windows. So I stuck my hand out the window to check out what's happening and when I looked at my arm, there was tiny specks of ice on my sleeve! It was hail! How exciting. I've always wanted to see and feel snow, but hail is pretty cool too. It was an awesome experience, coming from Malaysia where it hardly ever happens (although it has hailed before in Sunway on various occasions) but anyway, it was still exciting.

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