Out With Jams & Ally

Tall, Taller, Tallest?

Jams and Ally would have a much better coverage of our day out. You girls shall have the honour of displaying all the awesome pictures we took and detailing what we did.

It was pretty much visit Melbourne CBD day. Here's pretty much what we did.

1. The girls had Ox tongue with rice for lunch at Melbourne Central. I opted for the usual Ten Don, to be on the safe side. I tried Jia Meei's ox tongue though and it was pretty good. I guess it's all in the mind huh?

2. Took pictures at the "big purse" on Bourke Street. Very touristy indeed! It was a first for all three of us.

3. Up next was the compulsory Federation Square. Took a walk down to the river side and took more pictures.

4. Our last stop was at KoKo Black. The Belgian Spoil was awesome! Thanks Ally! Good call!

After reading your blogs, I realised my post will be rendered totally useless. Haha. So I shall end it here and say that it was an awesome day out with you two. We've gotta go to the zoo next!
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