Officially Pissed

I am officially pissed off! I filled out an official Malaysian government form for an application and it was rejected because apparently they have recently revamped and updated the form and mine was the old one. Fair enough, but don't revamps and updates mean that there is an improvement of the previous version?

So here I am, filling out the "updated" form and here's what I found! A bloody ERROR in an OFFICIAL government form!!!!! Can they be any more inefficient????

I mean yeah, we make typos here and there when we blog and all, but heck, that's blogging, it ain't official!

That's not all, I've got to get this form verified by an Australian who doesn't read BM and can only read English. He will definitely spot this! What is he going to say? If I am lucky, he'd laugh it off and verify it anyway. If I am not, he'll bloody well just say that the form is invalid! How can official forms have errors like that? I mean, how many mothers can a person have huh?????? Yeah, we can argue that a person can have step mothers, but come on, who are we kidding?? Obviously the form is asking for your birth mother's name!!!!! Get it right people! Man, I've never been so worked up before.

To add to it all, they didn't even provide enough boxes to fill in my details. To my understanding, you shouldn't write anything outside the boxes in official forms. Everything needs to be written in caps, with a black pen and there shouldn't be any abbreviations.

As it is, I already hate filling out forms. I'd be fine with the whole "error in the form" issue if they had not given me so much trouble in the first place. But now that it might be a potential problem that will lead to another rejection as well as money, resources and time being utterly wasted, I've become psycho drama queen!

Malaysia Boleh indeed! One more reason to love the country!

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  1. # Blogger iamamonkeysoareyou

    one more reason for me to leave the country..........  

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