Painting A Timeline

Have you ever wondered whether your life turned out how you wanted it to be? What did you write in the ambition section in your year book each year? Looking back, as a kid, I've always wanted to be an artist. I really wanted to paint. I painted a lot and I was happy doing that, but that's a long time ago. I haven't painted a thing since 1998.

Along the way, I changed my mind and aimlessly said I wanted to be an architect. That was a lie. I only put that down in the books because I thought that as I grew older, it will be silly wanting to be an artist. I was afraid that people will laugh at me. Every time I was faced with writing down my ambitions, I think I didn't really think that hard and I just thought I'd jot down what I felt I could be at that moment in time.

Today, I am not an architect. I've become an audio engineer and musician. I guess I've always been attracted to art and although I never became a painter, I get to express things through the art of music. As a kid, I never would have thought I'd be here today, doing what I do and I am thankful for every moment of it. Sometimes it's hard to imagine what got me here to this point in the first place.

What I'm really trying to say is, I wanna rock out and just keep playing music, as shallow as it sounds.

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