The Novelty

Yesterday was day one of juicing heaven! A Breville Juice Fountain found it's home in my little apartment and it's armed with 1250 watts of juicing power! Yes, I know I sound more domesticated each day, but heck, it's a childhood dream come true. This juicer is so freaking powerful, the fruit disappears before you could even press it down to the blades! I've never had such fresh fruit juice before. Maybe I should just stick my mouth in the juicer output next time! But hey, everything has a novelty period and it'll diminish. So this is my post to remind me of the day I was excited about it. For the past two days, all I've thought about was, "what can I possibly juice today?" So here's a post to the first few days of raving over a juicer and actually enjoying the cleaning up still.

On a more rocker side of things, here's what I did to cure my blues. Like ladies, we men love shopping too, but for different things! Woot! The pictures say it all! No explanation needed!

Boys and toys. Boys will be boys. Alda said, "That's the life of a muso. All the crazy things that we buy". I was a happy boy! All 4 DVDs for 50 bucks. I love JB Hi Fi. Now where's my endorsement money?!

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  1. # Blogger Jie Juan/Static Spike

    Hmmm, I wonder why the FOB dvd was rated 'Adults'...and wow, how was 'Sounds of the underground' bro? :D  

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