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Some snapshots of the brand new website created by Jenifer.

The time that we have all been waiting for has come. We are stoked to announce the launch of Broken Scar’s Double A-Side Single, The Shooting Star. This release highlights two sides of the band; the ballad-esque acoustic side through the catchy chart topping single, Shooting Star and the heavier side through Until I Fall. That’s not all, the band has also thrown in two bonus acoustic tracks, Shooting Star (Acoustic Version) and a light-hearted track, The Alien Song in this release.

This is the band’s way of saying thank you to all their fans and friends for the support throughout the years.

They have put together a sleek website to launch these songs which includes live videos from the band’s latest gigs featuring live versions of the new songs, lyrics, credits, thank you notes and heaps of pictures. You might just find yourself or someone you know in those pictures.

As promised, these songs are released in a brand new format and best of all, they are available for free. There are no physical copies of this release as it is purely online and it can be found at:

“This is an exciting new format that we are trying out, so be the first to be a part of it. Download the songs, make copies and send them to all your friends”, Kevin Teh.

The Shooting Star is out now!

To download the tracks on Facebook, just hop on to Broken Scar’s page at:

Alternative download pages:

Broken Scar's album, Midnight In St. Kilda is available on

4 Responses to “New Album, New Site, New Songs, New Photos, Same Broken Scar”

  1. # Blogger lydia


  2. # Blogger Kamelia

    Hey kev,

    Just wanna say thank you for letting us download your songs for free. Before this I've only been able to listen to them online. Now I can hear it anytime I want :) And thanks for mentioning me in your album sleeve. Means a lot...  

  3. # Blogger S h e r v e

    congrats on the campur chart!!

  4. # Blogger Broken Scar

    lyds: sweet!

    kamelia: You are most welcome! It's a pleasure. Hope you're enjoying the new stuff.

    sherve: wooot!  

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