Studio Diary: Day Six. Vocals.

Recording Kevin's Vocal Parts

From L-R: Francis, Alda, Sel, Dina, Kevin

I should say that recording vocals has always been the biggest challenge for me in the studio. During a live show, we'd rock out and just let it rip. There's just this "now or never, do or die" vibe and attitude to a live show but not in the studio.

In the studio, it's more like, let's get a great vibe, a great tone, a great delivery and a great vocal performance all at the same time. So you can imagine how many takes I would need to do if any of those elements were not quite as perfect. Every little element is crucial.

For this session, I recorded all the main vocal parts for Shooting Star except the bridge. My voice was busting already by the end of the session. It was best to leave the rest of the work for another day.

Dina also came in for the session to lend a hand with the backup vocals and she is rock solid! She is such a professional. Her vocal takes were effortless and she did harmonies for the BV as well. She went into the vocal booth and within minutes, she was out and done with the session. She is incredibly awesome! She has such a golden voice and I am proud to have worked with her! It was such an honour to have Dina on board!

Sel has been awesome when it came to producing the vocals and parts. He really got the best out of me. There was heaps of laughter between takes which kept the good mood going because it could get very frustrating if everything was serious. All that pushing was worth it. Compared to the debut album, I am singing better now and I am more confident with my delivery and tone.

Pre-production definitely helped because we were able to demo the entire song and fix whatever we needed to fix so laying down the actual tracks were definitely made easier.

Kev Broken Scar
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