Studio Diary: Day Two. Acoustic & Electric Guitars

Recording Kevin's Acoustic & Electric Guitar Parts

Using Tim's Taylor

Using Jeremy's Fender Strat

Sel, recording, mixing & mastering engineer

Alda and Jeremy

Guitars used on Shooting Star and Until I Fall. From L-R: Rashdan's Epiphone SG, Tim's Taylor, Justin's Taylor & Jeremy's Fender Strat.

Recording guitars this time round was heaps of fun. I had a total of 8 guitars to choose from for recording. We had the above, which were eventually used on the recording and the other guitars which weren't used on the recording were my two Norman acoustics, my Ibanez RG and Ibanez AX. It's great to have a few guitars to choose from so we could get the best sound for each part instead of just sticking to one.

During this session, I tracked all the electric and acoustic guitars for both the songs.

Shooting Star
I used Tim's Taylor for all the rhythm parts. I did double tracks for the rhythm parts. I initially wanted to use Justin's Taylor for extra rhythm guitars but what was recorded was sounding great already that more acoustic guitars just weren't necessary. I used Justin's Taylor for the extra lines instead and both the guitars blended perfectly with each distinct tone. I also used Jeremy's Strat for the extra clean electric guitar overdubs.

Until I Fall
I used Jeremy's Strat all the way for all the clean rhythm parts. This would be one of the few Broken Scar song that doesn't feature any acoustic guitars. The only other song with no acoustic guitars is Little Red Forest from the debut album.

The Strat ran through a Fender Twin Reverb amp and Sel knew how to get the tone that I wanted and it was sounding awesome! The tone and feel was definitely spot on.

The rest of the electric guitar parts were left for another day, to be tracked with Rashdan's SG with some distortion pedals.

It was good times recording guitars. If only the vocal sessions were as easy as this one. Jeremy and Alda were also at the studio and the session was filled with lots of laughter and encouragement. It was the perfect environment. By the end of the session, I was even more excited with the results!

Kev Broken Scar
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