Project Shooting Star

Hey boys and girls, I've been asked to extend the submission date, so the new deadline is next Wednesday, 30 Jan. That should give you all enough time to go through those photos and send them in! BE QUICK!
P/S: The pics do not have to be taken with us. As long as the picture is of you, it'll be great!
In conjunction with our up-coming singles release of Shooting Star and Until I Fall, which is a special edition release in a brand new and exciting format (stay tuned to find out what all this is about), we are launching Project Shooting Star.
What’s this all about? It’s simple. Throughout the years, you have supported us and made this journey of playing and making music ever so rewarding for us. So in return, we would like to honour you by getting you involved with this project.
We are compiling pictures of anyone who has been to our shows and of our friends, to be featured with this release, along with the album art. It’ll be a massive photo album. It could be a crazy/funny/serious picture of you or it could be a picture of you at our shows.
So if you are in on this, send a picture that best portrays you to with the subject, “Project Shooting Star”.
Looking forward to great things with you. Thanks heaps!
From the boys,
Broken Scar
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