Studio Diary: Day Three. Electric Guitars

Recording Paul's Electric Guitar Parts

See, there's always laughter in the studio and look at that "slacker", laughing away.

Paul and his sweet Tele!

Paul on Jeremy's Strat.

Paul and his Ibanez Talman! Sweet feedback!

We had an interesting session today. I was at the studio early and we decided to lay down some vocals for Shooting Star. We ended up with a few very good takes of the verses and we left it as that. We would continue the rest of the vocal parts in another session as Paul arrived already.

We launched straight into setting up the amp and Paul's gear. Paul ran his Fender Telecaster through the Fender Twin Reverb amp and it was sounding as sweet as ever. Sel miked up the amp in the sweet spot and it was spot on indeed.

Paul used his Tele for all the main parts (clean and distortion) for Shooting Star. He also used Jeremy's Strat for the double tracking overdubs. This meant that we had 2 tracks of the Tele (L & R channels) and 2 tracks of the Strat (L & R channels). Paul also used his Ibanez Talman and stood in front of the amp in the recording room to get some sick feedback for a part that was used in the entry of the last chorus in Shooting Star.

The initial plan was to record all Paul's guitar parts for Shooting Star and Until I Fall but we had to put Until I Fall aside for another session because we were mucking around with the tone for each section of the song, giving the song a different dimension for each section. We also got Paul to try different solo lines and different single-string parts to further enhance the texture of the song. Putting aside Until I Fall and concentrating on Shooting Star's parts was the best move. It was worth it as we spent the time to craft each section, line and part into perfection. Thanks Paul for being ever so obliging and tolerating out crazy ideas and suggestions.

We had heaps of fun messing around with different ideas and it finally contributed to a rich texture in the song. Kudos to Paul, Sel and Alda for brainstorming those great ideas. If you listen to the song carefully, it may not seem like there's much in there, but if you remove even just one small line, it'll stick out like a thorn.

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